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Cedar Valley Cafe - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Cedar Valley Cafe
Findlay, OH
Tiffin Ave and Fostoria Ave


Josh Woodward rates this 8 / 10:


Findlay seems to attract more than its fair share of interesting ethnic restaurants, and this is the latest on the list. This is an early review after one visit, and it's going to take awhile to really get a feel for this, since I'm relatively new to Lebanese cuisine. The soups were very interesting - the lentil was good, but the lemon rice soup was very tasty and completely different from anything I'd had. The veggie combo #1 ($10) was great - the stuffed grape leaves dipped in hummus took me to a good place. The Chicken Ghalaba ($13) was my least favorite - tasty, but nothing super interesting. I can't wait to try more things.