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Biaggi's - Perrysburg, OH - Restaurant Review


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Perrysburg, OH
Levis Commons


Josh Woodward rates this 9 / 10:

This isn't especially local to Findlay, and it's technically a small chain, but this is the best Italian food in the area. They have fair prices, classy old-school atmosphere, and some damn fine food. My favorite thing about this place is the fact that they're adventurous and willing to use bold flavors (rather than a certain other Italian chain who shall remain nameless). Everything I've had there has been interesting and yummy. And the fried bread dipped in "Biaggi Butter" is a pleasure that can't be described. Mmm.

Update, April 2007: The food is still as amazing as ever, but the service has gone steadily downhill. They're in danger of becoming a victim of their own success. If you make a reservation on a weekend, be prepared to sit 30-40 minutes in the lobby anyway. This has been the case reliably over the past half a year or so, and really needs to be fixed.

Update, May 2007: Unfortunately, I can't recommend Biaggi's anymore. It's the same thing every time - get a reservation, arrive on time, be told that they're running 15 minutes behind, and 30 minutes later, you're taken to a table with nothing more than a "whoops, sorry for the wait". It ruins the experience to the point where it's no longer fun to go. Skip it unless you're having dinner at 4:45pm on a Monday night. Even then, bring something to read.

Update, July 2007: I'm happy to pass on that things seem to be better! I emailed the manager last time to explain the problems we've had, and he emailed back that specific things had been done to address the problem. Sure enough, a couple months later, after "anonymous" reservations, we were seated immediately at 7pm on a Saturday night. Kudos for being so responsive!

Update, September 2007: The quality has been slipping a little the past couple visits. The butternut squash ravioli (and apparently the chicken marsala) have changed recipes for the worse. Two times ago, the tiramisu was served still frozen. The lobster ravioli on the specials menu this week was the most uninspired dish yet: six tiny ravioli barely poking their heads up in a sea of cream sauce, stuffed with a little bit of overcooked lobster and nothing else on the dish, all for $15 or $16. The reservations problem does seem to be fixed, but the service seems to be getting a little rushed, and the food quality's been dipping.

Update, 2008: The past couple of visits have been much better.