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Bamboo Garden - Bowling Green, OH - Restaurant Review


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Bamboo Garden
Bowling Green, OH
828 S Main St


Josh Woodward rates this 8 / 10:

Now that Mr. Lee's seems to be gone, and I'm up in BG more often, I was delighted to find this gem. It's half-way between fast food chinese and "real" chinese. The food is really great, especially the General Tso's chicken (though the breading can be tough)! The prices are equally awesome - lots of $4.15 lunch specials that you probably won't even be able to finish. They also have two sizes of things, which is nice. Try the cheese wontons, too. *drool* So good.

One downside: they're slow as molasses. Even if you're going to eat in the restaurant, it's a good idea to call ahead your order 20-30 minutes ahead of time if you're eating during a peak time.