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Balance - Maumee, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Maumee, OH
Dussel and Ford


Josh Woodward rates this 6 / 10:

Website I had such high hopes for this, and I still have hopes for the future, but they've got a way to go. It's all heavy on the concept and light on the execution. It's basically Chipotle for Chinese food. I'll ignore the silly and unnecessary renaming of the five classic Chinese American dishes they offer (because clearly "Nuts4pao" makes so much more sense than Kung Pao). If the food is good, who cares what it's called. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The Kung Pao chicken was a major disappointment. There wasn't even a hint of sweetness to the sauce. The chicken was grilled strips, which was probably supposed to be a feature, but it ended up making it taste too smoky and dry, which was even worse because the sauce was so smoky. The Wok in the Park veggie stir-fry was better, with a nice sauce. The tofu was ok, but bland and dry. The brown rice was excellent, though, not a common feat. Even the dine in orders are served in to-go containers with plastic silverware, and the containers are so deep that it's hard to eat without dipping your hand in it. That said, I'll probably try again. They'd just opened, so I'm sure there were some kinks, and I get the feeling they will improve quite a bit. I'll update this when I do.