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Asian Grill - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Asian Grill
Findlay, OH
Across from the mall
Japanese & Korean


Josh Woodward rates this 10 / 10:

Finally, Findlay has an excellent option for authentic Asian food. You won't find General Tso's chicken here, but you will find the full array of real Japanese, Thai and Korean food. While the teriyaki and sushi and other "safe" options are great, be adventurous and try some of the other stuff! The Pad See-Ew is amazing. [no more Thai food] The only downside here is the price - it's about $10-15 for most dinners, and there's no Saturday lunch menu.

Every meal comes with free bottled water, a salad with a beautiful gingery dressing, and a bowl of the best miso soup I've ever had.

The sushi is pretty good, aside from the tuna nigiri, which always tastes a little chlorinated to me. They also use more wasabi than most places in the sushi construction, but I've gotten to where I like that.

They originally had a great Thai menu, but got rid of that around the time Satang moved into town for some odd reason. ;-)

Update, April 2007: Their Tofu Teriyaki dish was amazing. The tofu was in big chunks, breaded in panko, and it gave it the most amazing texture.

Update, Spring 2009: I've fallen in love with their Spicy Pork on Rice dish from the Korean menu. Ridiculously good (and 100% dairy-free, for anyone who cares).