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As any songwriter will tell you, one of the biggest challenges in the process is coming up with ideas to write a song about. So here's your chance to be heard. If you have an idea for a song, share it with me! It could be anything as simple as a title idea or a line, or something more detailed like an entire story.

I definitely can't guarantee that every idea will get used, but I will do my best. If I use one of your ideas, you will be credited in CD liner notes and on the website. So submit away as many as you can think of!


The fine print: All songs will be released under the Creative Commons license, copyright Josh Woodward. While you maintain the right to reuse your idea yourself, the only rights you'll have to my music if I use your idea are bragging rights (and the right to laugh at me if I butcher it). May cause drowsiness, itchy skin, fatigue, insomnia and tremors. Offer not valid in all areas - sorry, Guam.