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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Help Out!

Independent musicians don't have marketing departments and publicity teams working to get their music heard. That's why it helps so much when you guys pitch in to help spread the word. There are some things you can do to help out that may seem little to you, but are huge for me.

Link My Website

A simple link to my site from yours would be hugely appreciated. Not only does it bring in visitors who click it, it helps me be found in the search engines. The best place to link to is .

Social Network Love

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and pretty much anything else you can think of. Friend me up to keep in touch, and if you really want to make my Christmas card list, share with your friends!

Use and Abuse Me

My music is yours to hack apart and use in your own projects, free of charge. The only catch is that you need to give credit. So please consider my music for your YouTube clips, movies, podcasts, etc. Check out my sharing policy.

Burn My Music For Friends

Seriously, you won't get arrested. I'm one of those odd artists who loves it when you burn my CDs for friends. I love it even more when they like it and decide to pick up a copy of their own, but it's more important to get the music out there.

There Is No Bad Press

If you have any contacts with the press, espeically in music columns or publications, I'd love you if you hooked me up. Ditto any radio/TV broadcasts. And in either case, if you want to write a review of one of my CDs yourself, that always helps a ton to build a press pack.

Thank you so much for anything you do. I can't begin to say that enough.