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Up Kilkenny

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One fine day in Kilkenny, in September of the year
Our hurling boys were coming home from Cork and we did cheer

The people filled the streets that night all wearing black and gold
They looked like giant bumblebees, all swarming down the road

	Up Kilkenny, up the cats
	Hooray, the boys are coming back
	So raise a flag up to the sky
                Wave that gold and black

They town square was a buzzin' as the train pulled into town
You could move an inch cuz there were people all around

Our three time hurling champions were the fair town's pride and joy
Desired by the girls and emulated by the boys


Don't you try to find a pint at any local pub
They're running out of whisky and they're running out of grub

But the craic is flowing freely and the spirits running high
And if I see an empty barstool then I'll meet you by and by


At 8:00 next morning, the streets are thinning out
The celebration's over, but nobody has a doubt

Though the town will become quiet and the crowds will disappear
We'll be waiting for that train again, about this time next year


Mandolin - key of G

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  Discussion: Up Kilkenny

dee (anon) · 9 years, 11 months ago
its black and amber ya thick yank!!!! But great song and lyrics otherwise
Natalie (anon) · 4 years, 6 months ago
I would've bought this on iTunes but it wasn't there. :(

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