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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Shower Scene

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The camera starts, the shower scene
I wield the knife, the girl screams
But she sounded like a wounded hen
The camera stops, we try again

Take nineteen, the shower scene
The cameraman got caught between between
The curtains, so he blew the take
The director says to take a break

The second break this afternoon
Her fingers look like shriveled prunes
She's screaming at the makeup man
To get the wrinkles off her hands

Why'd I go to school to act
There's noone here but freaks and hacks
These drama queens have got me down
I want to kill this whole damn town

I want to rule the silver screen
Not some B-list shower scene
With a plastic knife and sound effects
Like a porno flick without the sex

But I'll grin and bear this lousy film
And I'll play my stupid part until
I get my break and land a role
Where I don't need to puncture holes in bodies


Piano part: The right hand just repeats F# G A G over and over, and the left hand does the same pattern with these notes, with the third note in the sequence up an octave from the first:

        D A D A    (four times)
        G D G D    (four times)
        D A D A    (four times)
        G D G D    (four times)
        E B E B    (two times)
        C G C G    (two times)

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There have been 107 show(s) since the last play.


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