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Rogue Nation

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Well, this country's in the pits, so I really I should admit
That I feel it's time to do something about it
Our democracy is splintered, sold out to the highest bidder   
And I only see a single way around it

Let's stop being so attendant, and declare our independence
And create a nation where we're in control

We can find a little island, and we'll climb up to the highlands
And we'll paint a flag and hoist it from a pole

It's sounding pretty sweet, but it's a little incomplete
There'd be nothing there to eat but weeds and ants

We could bring along some friends, and they could do the odds and ends
And start a farm so we could live off of the land

They'd need a place to stay, so we could find a way to pay
To hire an architect and builders to construct it
I suppose they'd need to buy some rudimentary supplies
They could use my credit card, and just deduct it

In the matter of a minute, my card would hit its limit
So we'd need to find some funding from our friends
We'll need to form an axis, if the mother land attacks us
And we'd better start an army to defend   

We'd be careful on the spending, we'd have banks to do the lending
And we'd stay away from selfishness and greed
But I think our little nation's gonna need some light taxation
If we want to pay for everything we need

    Like schools and banks and shopping malls
    Fighter jets and border walls
    City bus and subway stops
    Doctors, cops and doughnut shops
    Water, gas and sewer lines
    Superhighways, traffic signs
    Museums, parks, aquariums
    Zoos and planetariums
I might need to think this through, cuz there's a lot of things to do   
Just to get this little nation on the map

And I'm not sure that I would make it, yeah, this emperor is naked
And I'm tired and I'm ready for a nap

    Maybe I should stay at home
    And fix the problems on this road
    And spread out to the neighborhoods
    And make a change and do some good

    We have got so many years
    To make our mark and disappear
    And enjoy the parks, aquariums
    Zoos and planetariums


Tuning: Standard, various capos.

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  Discussion: Rogue Nation

roarke (anon) · 7 years, 2 months ago
Hey,I really like "Rogue Nation"it`s good and totally describe`s our wonderful world,Yet I didn`t need to tell you that did I you already knew that..So what I`ll say is keep writing for maybe someone will stop and think and this country will be saved before that final draw........
Bambis (anon) · 6 years ago
This definitely draws the idea of respect what you have, and keep it up. Why start new when you have it all already in front of you?
Victor Sebben (anon) · 4 years, 6 months ago
Congrats!!! This is a really great song. It's good to know that we still have true artists, in spite of the existance of those Disney guys hahah. This song has both nice melody and good lyrics.

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