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The last remains of Pompeii burned 
The gadabout had just returned 
To see the ashes covering the town 

Empires burned and cities fell 
While lovers kissed and said farewell 
And laid their fragile bodies on the ground 

	But I'm not scared to burn 
	To dust, I will return again 
        If you'll stay by my side 
	I'll lay down and I won't hide from fate 

Vesuvius was growing colder 
Embers that had hotly smoldered 
Settled into lifeless dust below 

The gadabout was still alive 
But not another soul survived 
So through the blackened streets he walked alone 


The centuries will come and go 
The sun will shine, the wind will blow 
And we will curse the passing of the years

But time's eternal, day by day
It's us who pass, and blow away		 
Soon no one will remember we were here


Tuning: Standard, capo 3

x24030 3x403x 022000 x32010

320003 2x023x 022000 x32010
320003 2x023x 022000 x32010
022000 2x023x 320003 x32000


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  Discussion: Pompeii

Ricarda (anon) · 4 years, 10 months ago
Just wanted to leave a comment that I like your new album very much. My favourite ones are The Handyman's Lament, Pompeii and Together on our own. Well done! Gonna buy the CD soon ;)
Michael Waddell (anon) · 4 years, 10 months ago
Even the stars change eventually. And fade. And die. And it's okay.
Maria (anon) · 4 years ago

If I could listen to this song for the rest of my life, I think I would be a tiny bit melancholy, but mostly just quietly happy in that way that stems from being at complete peace with the world.

Andreas Bauer (anon) · 3 years, 7 months ago
Josh, you are an awesome musician! Waiting for more ... love your song "Pompeii"
Aster (anon) · 2 years, 11 months ago
Wow, you are really awesome! I love Pompeii & A Thousand Skins (Part 1) .Please keep writing songs, I'm waiting for more :D

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