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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Little Tomcat

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Little tomcat, stay close to me
Cuz there are clouds on the horizon
And a chill on the breeze 

We're alone here, but don't you be scared
I've got a calloused hand, a farmer's tan
And I'm happy to share

	You and I, will both get by
	Just promise you won't stray

	All that I need is some dirt and a seed
	And I will feed you till the summer blows away 

Little tomcat, don't be afraid
When there's a stirring in the meadow
Or a noise in the shade

I'll defend you and lead you from harm 
If you should find yourself peril
I will guard you in my arms

	I've seen people come and depart
	With every one, there's a start, and there's an end 

	I'm sick, and tired, of failed desire
	What I need is really just a friend

Little tomcat, don't let me down
Cuz I have spent so long forsaken
In this lonely old town

You don’t judge me, or tell me I’m wrong
If you will take me as I am,
Then I will take you along


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  Discussion: Little Tomcat

amebacyber (anon) · 3 years ago
very good song like fit for a king good job on you song keep going your the best i know never give up and it lokks like im the first to post on this song :)
Kathy Humann (anon) · 2 years, 8 months ago
Hello! Thank you for this song! We have used it on a short youtube video made for our supporters. We are a non-profit that helps feral and homeless cats in Iowa...this song is purrfect! if you would like to see the video, it is here You can find us on facebook at Western Iowa Feral Cat Program
Jessie (anon) · 2 years, 3 months ago
Hey, I love this song and used it for a background for my latest Vlog about my sweet cat, Jupiter. If you like, you can view it here: Thanks for the music! -Jessie  
Stuart (anon) · 1 year, 11 months ago
MyHusbandIsJapanese brought me here from YouTube. Beautiful song. Thankyou!
Ol'rawnder Saini · 2 months ago
Can I really really really please get the guitar tabs for the song...? There's my crush who'd really really really love the instrumental version of this .. Please if you can help me..

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