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Wake up in the morning, her alarm clock is warning her
    it's time for her to get out of bed
Another day ahead of us, I'd rather die instead of this
    cuz she won't leave me till I'm dead
But I gotta keep that woman happy or she will take away her dough
It's just a day in the life of a gigolo
Just another day in the life...

She stumbles to the powder room and reconstructs her face
    with an Estee Lauder oil slick
And everytime I kiss her, it is sticking to my lips
    Even Tammy Fae was not so thick
But that fleshy rubber mask conceals the monster who's below
It's just a day in the life of a gigolo
Just another day in the life...

Money can't buy her no love
There's no pricetag for romance, no sales on seduction but
Who gives a damn about that?
She's just looking for suction, not reproduction

She's always in a hurry and I'm getting kinda worried that
    she's catching on to my plan
Well, it doesn't take a genius, you would know it if you've seen us
    but you know I do the best I can
And I'll just keep pretending that this love is not for show
Another day in the life of a gigolo
Just another day in the life...

Well, it's hard to be a grouch on a slippery leather couch
    with a butler bringing drinks all day
In the hills of California, there is no one who will mourn ya
    when you bitch and want to run away
But sleeping with the woman sure beats working for the man, you know
It's just a day in the life of a gigolo
Just another day in the life of a gigolo


Standard tuning, key of C.

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  Discussion: Gigolo

Alex (anon) · 4 years, 9 months ago
I like the sound of the song :) And the lyrics are hilarious. What would ever compel you to write about the "life of a gigolo"?? lol
Molly (anon) · 3 years, 7 months ago
I love this song. I just downloaded it,and it's going on my Ipod as we speak. I am so excited to hear it come on in the car. Will brighten my day!
Josh Woodward Back · 3 years, 7 months ago

*grins* Thanks so much, Molly :)

i Licaoni (anon) · 2 years, 1 month ago
Hi Josh, we're a videomakers group based in Italy who publish videos with cc licenses. We really appreciate your music and wonder if exists a "no vox" version of this song to use in a video... Keep on going! Regards, i Licaoni
Josh Woodward Back · 2 years, 1 month ago

Absolutely, here you go

i Licaoni (anon) Back · 2 years, 1 month ago
Many Thanks! You're so kind... This is a video with one of your beautiful song: We hope you'll enjoy it (sorry: no english subtitles)

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