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go to him and he'll set you free ... in the fire
speak to her and she'll tell you please ... you don't know

        the bees, they are swarming away from the hive
        the spider is waiting to eat you alive in the dust
        the bird on the pole he just flutters away
        the grasshopper wishes that you would just 
        stay in the dust

wipe away all the selfish pride ... you got nothing
count the ways to ignore your fate ... you are dying

frame the picture and go to jail ... a lifetime
light a candle and set your sail ... the ocean


don't look back or turn around ... be silent
the sky awaits to set your free ... in the dust


This is standard tuning, except with a capo over the 5 low strings only, on the 4th fret. 
In other words, the high E string is open.

The main riff is arpeggiated chords of X02000 and X03000.

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