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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Do Right

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Darling, you are as juicy as a peach
But you're as proper as a preacher on the Sunday
I just wanna do the things that lovers do
And I'd do right by you

Don't you wait for a signal from above
Well, why don't you just give me some of your love?
If you do break your puritan taboos
Then I'd do right by you
Yeah, I'd do right by you

    I'd buy you diamond jewelry if you would only fool with me
    I'd do right by you

You won't even let me get to second base
I'm stuck here playing shortstop after our dates
Why can't you lose a couple of your virtues
I'd do right by you

Three long months I've been trying to seal this deal
A lesser man would tell you to get real
But hitherto, I've been faithful, I've been true
Yeah, I'd do right by you

    A chick flick and a dinner date, then I'd take you home to celebrate
    Yeah, I'd do right by you

I'm not trying to be scolding
But you're just so damn withholding with your love
I just sit and wait with the patience of a saint
And if you would just abandon your restraint...

Darling, I know you're pining for a ring
And you think you're just another one of my flings
Why can't we just have our cake and eat it, too?
And I'd do right by you
Yeah, I'd do right by you


Tuning: D-A-D-Gb-B-E, capo 3


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