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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Bob Sells Chevrolets

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Well, howdy buddy, my name�s Bob, how are you today?
Did you come here looking for a brand new Chevrolet
Used is fine, well I suppose, 
We sure do got a lot of those

I got everything you�ll ever need
I got V8 engines for the kickass speed
I got everything you need, no money down

I�ll sell you this Impala for a damn good price
The transmission�s shot but the brakes are nice
What�s it gonna take for you to drive away, 
With this aut-o-mo-bile today?

I got great terms on the financing
I got payments that a bum could swing
So step on up and let�s make us a deal

Ohhh, I don�t know if I can do that
Oh I don�t think, my manager will approve that
Well I�ll take this back to him, 
but don�t get your hopes up, my friend�

Get your checkbook out, sir, we got a deal
You�re lucky that my manager allowed this steal
Sign your name right here and here, 
Initial here and here and here
And here
And here are your new keys


Tuning: DADFAD

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Played at 1 out of 50 shows since introduction (2%)
Played at 0 out of 18 non-open mic shows since introduction (0%)
There have been 49 show(s) since the last play.


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